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Roxanne Rhoads is the founder and owner of Bewitching Book Tours.

Author, book blogger, reviewer and book publicist- she's worked professionally in the publishing industry since 2005 and dabbled in it since she could hold a pen. 

Her first published work appeared in a local magazine when she was 11 and after that she went on to write for school, local and national publications throughout her middle school, high school and college years.

Find her at her blogs Roxanne's Realm and Fang-tastic Books

At Facebook, Bewitching Page, Fang-tastic Books Page, and the Roxanne Rhoads Author Page 

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Lisa McGeen is Roxanne's assistant otherwise known as her saving grace, helping Roxanne with a little bit of whatever needs to be done including: keeping all the links, buttons, and sidebars up to date on BBT, posting all the links for the tour stops every day, adding tour buttons to the Facebook page and group and in general keeping things running smoothly in the Bewitching world.

More About Lisa

Lisa McGeen has been assisting Roxanne with Betwitching Book Tours since September 2011 and has been operating her own book blog Lisa’s World of Books since November 2010.  

Lisa was drawn to books from a young age and enjoys sharing books with everyone she meets.  Family and friends commonly as for her opinion on what they should read.  She loves to talk books and can talk about them for hours with whoever will listen. 

Lisa’s day job is in the call center industry where she works as a Quality Specialist, basically when you get that recording that says "this call may be recorded for quality evaluation", that’s what she does, listen to all those calls.  So if you ever wonder if anyone ever does that - yep they sure do!  She lives in Michigan with her husband and two sons.  She also has a collection of pets including: a horse, a turtle and a cat. 

Tishia (AKA ParaGraphic Designs) is our Bewitching promotional materials designer. Whenever we need postcards, bookmarks, book covers, etc created she's our go-to designer. 

She creates our monthly Bewitching Book Tours Magazine covers.

She's also a Bewitching partner and offers discounts to Bewitching Book Tour authors.

More About Tishia:

Paragraphic Designs is ran by Tishia, a stay-at-home mom of two from the midwest. When she's not designing book covers, she's busy reading and reviewing books.

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Michelle from Michelle's Paranormal Vault of Books is our tour graphics designer for all of our book tour buttons.

You can visit her at:

Kriss is the host of our Bewitching Book Tours Radio Show

Kriss Morton currently lives in a small cabin on the outskirts of Fairbanks, AK with a wonderful man and an overbearing cat. She is a medievalist, new media journalist, photographer, author and social media expert by trade, as well as being well known at her Zen approach to cooking and recipe creation.

Her main website is Cabin Goddess where shes been talking Alaska, books, authors and cooking since 2009. She has been compared to 21st Century Mona Lisa on her way to a rave in the Indie Publishing world, fondly calling many books her best of friends. She shares her reviews and pros on Alaskan Dreams, and her love for bacon on

Her main focus of writing is a collection of poetry which has partially been published in two different Literary Journals including an English Honors program Sigma Tau Delta Society Collection and Permafrost, the farthest north literary journal for writing and the arts. Kriss’ first openly published work not related to academia or her blogging content is a whimsical fantasy tale based in Alaska full of zombies and other mystical creatures rich with delight.

Currently she is a full time author imaging publicist and marketing executive with
The Finishing Fairies, a co-owned multi-platform business, for several independent authors and projects. She also is working diligently on getting her own personal publications finished and launched including a collection of poetry and short stories influenced by her life in Alaska, a graphic novel cookbook, and a post-catalyst alternate futuristic novel. All while continuing to work promotion and publicity in any capacity she can.

Creativity runs in the family. Roxanne's mother ClaraBelle is the newest addition to Bewitching Book Tours and the person you can thank for Roxanne's love of books and creative drive.

ClaraBelle creates the custom book swag that can be added on to tour packages or ordered separately.

She has been crafting and making jewelry for decades (Roxanne has jewelry that was made before she was born).

You can order a variety of book swag creations custom designed to coordinate with your book content and book cover colors.

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